Botulinum toxin (Botox)

Areas injectable: forehead, frown lines, eyes, nose lines, gummy smile, smokers lines, lip pop, jowls jawlines. Chin and neck. Armpits, hands and feet.

1 area £80

2 areas £129

3 areas £150

Model price – 3 areas £99

Dermal Fillers

Areas available: lips, philtre, smokers lines, nasabial (nose to mouth lines), sad lines, marionettes (mouth to chin lines), upper cheeks, lower cheeks, tear trough (under eyes) – with cannula, jawline, chin, rhinoplasty (non-surgical nose job)

1.2ml £139

0.6ml £90

Model price – 1.2ml £79

Tear Trough with Cannula


Model price £99

Skin Boosters

Areas available: face lines and rejuvenation, neck lines, chest, décolletage/cleavage area and hands

1.2ml £120

Model price £59

Mesotherapy/fat dissolving/facial rejuvenation for acne/dry, dull skin

Skin lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, scars, wound healing, hair growth, cellulite

Between £80 to £150 depending upon consultation

Model fat dissolving £50

Model face, cellulite and hair £20

Chemical Peels

Facial rejuvenation (same as Mesotherapy) £40

Model price £20

Micro Needling


Model price £20

Microsclerotherapy (leg thread vein removal)

1st session £149

2nd session £120

Model price £79

Hyperhydrosis (Excessive sweating)


Plasma Pen

For skin tightening, stretch marks, scars, skin tags and age spot removal £49

Eyes (upper eyelid and eye bags) £249

Stomach £349

Neck £299

Model price any area £99

Also available weight loss injections and medication

Please note a consultation with a nurse practitioner is required.

I offer finance at extra 10% of overall cost of treatment